Clube Português de Tiro Prático e de Precisão , CPTPP


Equipment Control
6th May 2016 – 15h00 - 17h00  

Competition Timetable
6th May  2016 – Practice Day
7th May 2016 – 3 Cards
8th May 2016 – 3 cards


Award ceremony
Held on 8th May 2016, 18h00. During the award ceremony some raffle prizes will be given.

Dinner – A dinner will be held at 19h30, in a restaurant near the shooting range. The shooters and accompanying persons that want to participate, should enrol with the organization committee. The total cost will be 15,00 EUR per person.

Competition Rules
The competition will be held under the WBSF - World Benchrest Shooting Federation BR50 "Hunter" rules. Due to the range size limitations only 54 shooters will be allowed per day.

   WBSF BR Rules, approx. 400 KB, PDF >>


1st Competition Day, 1st to 5th place
2nd Competition Day, 1st to 5th place
1st and 2nd Competition Day aggregate, 1st to 5th place
X mark hits count, 1st to 5th place

Entry fees

The entry fees should be paid in Euros (EUR) through a bank transfer
at the same time when the Entry Forms are sent - no later then April 8th 2016..

      20,00 EUR per each competition day (practise day is free)
      CPTPP - Clube Português de Tiro Prático e de Precisão
   Bank transfer:
      IBAN:  PT50 003300000004154178462

Competitors Entry Forms and Firearms Forms
The Competitors Entry Forms and the Firearms Forms, provided by the FPT, should be sent by email no later then April 8th 2016:

   Competitors Entry Form, ed. 2016, approx. 45 KB, XLS >>
   Firearms Form, ed. 2016, approx. 45 KB, XLS >>

E-mail: .

Invitation Letter
Formal invitation letter from FPT - Federação Portuguesa de Tiro to all WBSF and ERABSF competitors:

   Invitation Letter, approx. 420 KB, PDF >> [ available soon ]

Arms and Ammunition - Transportation and Storage
In order to bring your firearms, you must use the form provided by the FPT.

- Upon arrival in Portugal, present the invitation letter with the complete list of arms of all your delegation members to the Portuguese Customs in order to have it checked;
- On your departure, present the same documents to the Portuguese Customs.

During your stay, the arms and ammunitions will be kept at the shooting range in high security storage facilities.

6 to 8th May 2016
   6th May - Official Practise Day
   7th May - 1st Competition Day
   8th May - 2nd Competition Day

Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor - Carreira de Tiro
Jamor National Sport Center - Shooting Range
Jamor, Oeiras, Dafundo, Portugal
   Latitude:  38°42'32.05"N Longitude:   9°14'51.23"W

   Google maps:

António Pinho Ramos (CPTPP)
Mobile: + 351 919 765 727

Youtube Video - 2013 Portuguese BR50 Nationals
at Jamor Shooting Range

International news clipping
2011 Target Shooter magazine
article on the Portuguese BR scene
   >> 6 page article, 6MB PDF clip download

Where to stay
Hotel and shuttle bookings are entirely under the competitors responsability. No shuttle was booked either from the hotels to the shooting range or from the airport.

   Hotel suggestions sorted by increased distance from Jamor:

   Approx. 1 Km from Jamor:
   Hotel Solplay, Linda-a-Velha

   Approx. 5 Km from Jamor:
   Hotel Amazónia, Linda-a-Pastora

   Approx. 5 Km from Jamor:
   Hotel Holiday Inn Express, Alfragide

   Approx. 9 Km from Jamor:
   Hotel Holiday Inn Express, Porto-Salvo

   Approx. 10 Km from Jamor:
   IBIS Lisboa Alfragide

   Approx. 13 Km from Jamor:
   Hotel Altis Belém


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